French Wine for a Flat Belly Review: SCAM? Or not?

In here, we will be having a French Wine for a Flat Belly Review whose brainchild is Thomas Newman. We’ve heard before and commonly about various weight loss programs, methods and diet procedures. There can be those that do work effectively and being cost-friendly too, others tend to be costly and do little to nothing to help a person in many ways. Here’s another weight loss diet and guide to get into and to know.

In this review, we take a look and see what this can do. Sure there can be other effective weight loss programs and guides, but this is to see what makes French Wine for a Flat Belly unique and useful in its own way. Let’s get into this and who knows if this is another weight loss to add into your repertoire.

Overview on the French Wine for a Flat Belly

This French Wine for a Flat Belly Review shows that it’s a weight-loss program that is designed after comparing the diet habits of both the French and Americans. This program made by Thomas Newman got his inspiration from the “French Paradox”, a study showing about the French having low mortality rates, cardiovascular disease and obesity amidst their excess in smoking, wine drinking and constantly eating foods rich in fats, something that differs radically from North America. Despite the name, it isn’t just on specific wine this program mentions, but on proper fruits and vegetables to choose from and to avoid.

This program enables you to increase your metabolism and your fats will decrease in a month. You’ll know further from following the guideline of Thomas Newman about the knowledge he has concerning these foods and everything else regarding your fat concerns, dieting, what food to choose and what procedure to follow.  You don’t have to give up on things that may be your favorites like chocolates, creamy foods, wine and some others.

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Who created the French Wine for a Flat Belly?

Thomas Newman is a personal trainer, a weight loss expert and a former US Army soldier; he himself was a Sergeant in the 3rd Infantry Division and veteran of the Second Iraq War, and a participant of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He set out to discover about how the French consume a lot of these kinds of fattening foods and other kinds that makes one fat yet they still remain trim. His studies made him learn about the French have high polyphenols in their diet found in grape skins, which of course wine is made from.

His studies claim that reduction in calorie consumption doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight; what happens was that because the body thinks you’re starving, the reaction is that it stays with the fat reserves and slowing down your metabolism, thus causing one to actually gain fat. Additionally, he learns of the two major bacteria groups live inside: bacteroidetes, which are healthy and weight-friendly; and the firmicutes which makes you become fatter.

What does the French Wine for a Flat Belly include?

This French Wine for a Flat Belly Review discusses the guide and diet plan to show you a list of foods that increases polyphenols. This includes the famous and favorite French wine, which includes high levels of polyphenols, if you’re up to drinking wine yourself. Maybe if you’re not the type to drink wine, there are still some other foods that contain levels of polyphenols.

This also provides easy solutions from the mistakes you made or think about how you usually eat. If you follow this diet plan lasting over 4 weeks, you’ll see what kinds of food and drinks to include and what to avoid so to increase the polyphenols levels in your body.

Where to purchase?

Since it is not available commonly in stores and other weight loss programs, you can only find it in their main website.

Pros and Advantages 

  • Simple straightforward directions that are easy to understand
  • This may help you develop healthy food habits
  • No complicated tricks and gimmicks
  • Little to no negative effects
  • No more reliance on slimming pills considered ineffective or dangerous
  • It’s naturally and scientifically proven
  • Guarantees a money-back in 60 days

Cons and Disadvantages 

The only drawbacks to this is that it’s not available anywhere, only in digital format for availability. Another is that there are no shortcuts to take from this and must follow the procedure to lose weight. Of course while this applies for both genders, for those younger or those unable to, they’re not able to drink wine and will probably rely on actual food and drinks mentioned in the guide.

Is the French Wine for a Flat Belly a scam?

There are those who, unfortunately, think and say that the French Wine for a Flat Belly is a scam because they think it doesn’t work for them and they see the creator is unverifiable, according to them. There can be those who say it doesn’t work for them when, probably, this can vary from person to person.

On the other hand, there are those who do take advantage of the rather popularity of French Wine for a Flat Belly and would sell fake programs in some places. The way to avoid this is to visit and purchase this at their main website

Final Thoughts

Though there are other weight loss methods and programs that are as effective as we’re covering in this French Wine for a Flat Belly Review, this program can be another weight loss program and diet to add in your repertoire for those interested in weight loss. If you are among those wanting lose weight and enjoy drinking French wine, then this could be something most effective for you. Of course, as previously stated, there are those not wanting to or are incapable of drinking wine and this isn’t applicable for any age, but at least the food and drink guide and diet would be something to look into.

Of course this is not to deride other weight loss programs; this French Wine for a Flat Belly Review tells about what makes this unique and effective in its own way. This is one unique kind of a weight loss program or guide as this involves drinking French wine along with some other proper choosing of food and drinks to go with it. You can try this out if you wish and if you’re a wine drinker and you want to lose weight or wanting to have a healthy diet, this is likely something you’d definitely want to try out.

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