A Complete Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Our everyday lives are just full of activities that require physical work to accomplish. In order to make this work, we should tone our own bodies, preparing it for the current day and to other upcoming moments in life. This became the drive of the program called Unlock Your Hip Flexors by the founder and author Rick Kaselj.

This Unlock Your Hip Flexors review aims to provide you all the needed information about its overview, usage, and how much it costs. Let us get right into the review.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a simple but highly informative program dedicated to overall body flexibility through exercise. The whole program is composed of carefully-planned protocol that a user should do within a span of 60 days. Through continuous participation, the user will experience drastic change in his flexors primarily on the hips and other joints of the whole body.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors is widely considered as one of the most recognized and affordable wellness programs available in the country. Additionally, it was previously mentioned and/or endorsed by Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and many more.

About Rick Kaselj, the Creator and Founder of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is created and founded by Rick Kaselj, a physical fitness veteran and injury analyst. His particular expertise in the world of fitness drove him to write a book, entitling it to Unlock Your Flexors.

The founder, together with his good colleague Mike Westerdal, was inspired by middle-aged working class due to their living habits. They tend to slouch in front of the computer every single day. Due to this, their publication helped that particular clientele and it spread like wildfire in several markets.

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How Does it Work

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a comprehensive program filled with sorts of courses specifically designed to put an end to body stiffness. Major parts of the publication are as follows:

  1. Health Risks Orientation. The initial part of the book, the author himself starts with a discussion of risks when you continued to live without getting sufficient and adequate exercise. From degrading your sex life to a bulging belly, this part acts like an eye-opener to the readers, moreover readying them for the next part of the book.
  2. Static and Dynamic Stretching. This is the main part of the book wherein a great revelation with regards to stretching is being presented to the reader. Various exercises with prior techniques are discussed within this part of the book. Additionally, differences of static and dynamic teaching can be found, exemplifying that each type has its own advantages and usage.
  3. Application of the sequential flow method. After discussion of needed courses of stretching and ideal diet for a type of individual, the main protocol is implemented to the reader. Upon continuous usage and following within 30 days in the program, results that are pledged in the book are expected, signifying its purpose to promote flexibility in the body.

Pros and Cons 

The program of Unlock Your Hip Flexors has its major advantage which is to promote overall flexibility and body wellness. Moreover, it significantly reduces the risks if heart failure, cancer, diabetes, bone and muscular problems, and other inflammations and/or possible injuries.

Since the program of Unlock Your Hip Flexors maintains to be a medium for overall body flexibility and wellness, there are little to no disadvantages to be found upon usage.

Side Effects 

Most users claim that the Unlock Your Hip Flexors was reported to have no side effects. The reason behind is that the product is intended for all ages.

Where Can You Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors can be purchased through the advertising and affiliate site of Rick Kaselj which is unlockyourhipflexors.com all over United States. Additionally, dedicated third-party online marketplaces are available for preference like Amazon and DigiBookstore.

User’s Feedbacks for Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Most Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews out there in several fitness websites claim that the program is effective in promoting flexibility. Some of the reviewers are the following:

Frank Daniels, a fitness and performance specialist, claimed that Unlock Your Hip Flexors made his overall flexibility status became drastically better. He also added that he became stronger than ever.

Another specialist named Dr. Alan Jenks also claimed that the Unlock Your Hip Flexors was developed as a really comprehensive system to overall fitness and flexibility for all.

Head Coach of Critical Bench named Chris Wilson added that this system is ideal for professional deadlifters as a way to strengthen hip power.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors is available in the official site at an initial price of $50 but since sales have peaked, the price went down to a low $9.

Customer Support 

The unlockyourhipflexors.com site popups a window dedicated for one-to-one customer support messaging to the customer and inquiries that are available 24/7.

To access the official thread of Rick Kaselj, please visit their official site: https://unlockyourhipflexors.com/


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors guarantees its customers a 100 percent guarantee to its effects since it is filled with comprehensive courses for flexibility. Its 30-day money back guarantee system is testified by Mr. Kaselj, making it free of any form of risks.


Overall, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Rick Kaselj is an absolute worth of its effect and price. Its comprehensive and intricate approach to body flexibility are saleable and attractive all users. Developed by a company ad supported all through out, this is worthy product out in the market.

As much as most Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews out there highly recommend the product, I would do the same. It is an absolute worth of every money spent.

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