Fungus Hack Review – A Natural Solution to Cure Toenail Fungus Infection

This Fungus Hack review is meant to discuss all about fungus and the product to make an informed decision whether or not to buy the product, Fungus Hack.

What is toenail fungus infection?

Onychomycosis is a nail fungal infection that occurs more commonly in the toenail. It starts as yellow spots beneath the tip of your toenail that gradually goes deeper, causing your toenail to discolor, weaken, and eventually fall out altogether.

While toenail fungus infection is generally not a life threatening infection, ignoring it can lead to serious complications such as toe and foot pain, athlete’s foot, and possibly even cellulitis, a bacterial infection that may be difficult to treat.

Toenail fungus infection is an embarrassing problem to have. Besides causing pain to your toenails, the infection smells very bad and looks very displeasing to the eye. Don’t be surprised if people start avoiding you once they discover you have this infection.

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Oh no! I think I have a toenail fungus infection! What can I do about it?

Numerous topical or oral antifungal medications exist to battle toenail fungus infection. However, the efficacy of these medications varies greatly from treatment to treatment, and person to person. One solution may not work for everyone.

Similarly, since different medicines are made with different chemicals, side effects such as adrenal gland problems and liver injury are possible. People taking oral solutions should always keep track of what they are ingesting so as not to cause additional problems.

Keeping all this in mind, Brett Johnson, previously a victim of toenail fungus has developed Fungus Hack, a natural solution to cure toenail fungus infection.

What is Fungus Hack?

This Fungus Hack review aims to help you discover for yourself if Fungus Hack is the best option against your toenail fungus infection. Fungus Hack is a natural dietary supplement developed to combat your toenail fungus infection. Touted as a “regular person solution,” it is said to eliminate fungus in less than a few days.

Fungus Hack comes as a very user friendly food supplement in pill form to be taken twice a day with every meal. This allows ingestion in the body without causing the messes that topical anti-fungal solutions cause to your body. Additionally, since it’s made of natural ingredients, it is believed to be non-harmful to users.

The Fungus Hack Program: 3 simple phases to toenail fungal infection elimination.

Fungus Hacks is a three phase solution to completely eliminate all fungal infection. These phases include: targeting the cells, breaking down the cell wall, and finally, disinfecting the body.

The First Phase: Targeting the Fungal Cells

Brett Johnson, the developer of Fungus Hack has realized that toenail fungal infection is not a localized infection. The infectious fungus was not just beneath a person’s toenails, but everywhere, particularly in the person’s blood. It just manifests beneath the toenails and that is why the infection is more visible in that area.

Armed with this knowledge, Fungus Hack was developed to be an ingestible solution that targets fungus cells in your body. It was made ingestible so as to completely eliminate the problems from inside your body.

Based on research there are two ingredients included in Fungus Hack that have been shown to specifically seek fungus cells: caprilyc acid and grapefruit seed extract. And once the fungus cells have been sought, the second phase begins.

The Second Phase: Breaking Down the Wall

The next step to eliminating fungal infection is weakening, and then getting inside the fungus cells themselves. Fungi are multi-cellular organisms made up of fungal cells or eukaryotes. These fungal cells are more similar to plant cells than human cells: they have a very rigid cell wall, making them very hard to kill.

This is where the enzymes Amylase 5000, Protease 35000 and Lipase 1000 come in to play. These three enzymes break down the bonds of the fungal cell wall, leaving the fungus defenseless and killing them outright, setting your body up for complete elimination.

The Third Phase: Disinfecting the Body

While the fungus is already dead, it still needs to be eliminated from the body. Fungus Hack includes natural ingredients with antibiotic properties, particularly oregano powder, black walnut hulls, and lemongrass. These ingredients naturally disinfect your body, keeping you safe from further infection.

An additional benefit of the previously mentioned ingredients is a boost in your immune system. These ingredients don’t just remove fungus cells, but general infections as well. So one can expect an improvement in quality of life after the regimen.

Does it work? What do medical professionals have to say?

Unfortunately most Fungus Hack reviews online do not shed much information about the effectiveness of the product. Few Fungus Hack testimonials that show before and after the use of the product exist, raising the issue whether the product is effective or not.

Furthermore, they have included a disclaimer that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet evaluated the efficacy of Fungus Hacks. The website warns that the product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, so anyone who would try Fungus Hacks for themselves should be wary of that.

However, based on their website, the much research was taken into consideration while developing Fungus Hacks. Brett Johnson and his team of doctors have cited numerous health journals that describe the ingredients included in Fungus Hacks, as well as the mechanism of action for each ingredient.

A Natural and Cheap Alternative

While the efficacy of Fungus Hack is yet to be established, there is no harm in seeking for alternative natural treatment. Since the ingredients have been so far shown to have little to no adverse side effects, one might as well consider taking Fungus Hacks as an option to treat one’s toenail fungus infection.

Fungus Hacks is only available on their website at a discounted promo of $49.00 for 6 bottles. At 60 capsules per bottle and with a dosage of two capsules a day, this deal would suffice for a good half a year of the natural supplements to help combat your toenail fungal infection.

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